Many business owners and entrepreneurs that we talk with daily have something similar to say about their business.

“It’s fun and I love it, but it’s killing me.”

I get it! The long hours, the constant back and forth with clients, the scope-creep or flat-out disregard for value given vs. value received.

Business is tough, but there’s a simple reason for that. You’ve set the bar at doing as much as possible for as many people as possible without building the right systems to handle it all.

Most of us start out with this grand idea that we’re going to “Change the world with my business!” and that’s definitely possible. However, fairly quickly we get lost in the fear of missing out, FOMO.

One of the biggest concerns we help client identify is, “What work are you doing that drains you completely AND, very important here, doesn’t fulfill your PROFIT requirements?”

The first step in our 3 step process to enjoying your business again is this: Identify your Best Offer


Step One: How to Identify Your Best Offer

There are only a handful of criteria your Best Offer needs to meet:

  1. It’s a single product, service or activity, or deliverable
  2. It provides you with the highest Net Profit
  3. It is easy to sell & deliver
  4. You LOVE doing it
  5. It provides a ton of value to your customers

That’s it.

Step Two: Who Needs Your Best Offer?

This is where a lot of business owners and entrepreneurs get stuck, so I’m going to attempt to make this extremely clear. The person or business that absolutely needs your Best Offer should be identified from the breakdown of your Best Offer… i.e. They value immensely from the work you do for them, they have no objection to paying you what you WANT TO BE PAID, and they are ready to buy from you Now or within a relatively short time frame.

Now here’s where you might be getting stuck, so pay close attention.

In order to know who your Best Buyers are, you HAVE to identify your Best Offer. Make no assumptions here.

Google search screenshot of marketing agency phoenix query

Once you’ve clearly identified your Best Offer, then you’ll be ready to identify who the Best Buyers of that offer are. One great tip is to look for competitors that are offering a similar product or service online… literally, do a Google search… and see who they are attracting and advertising to. Follow the money and study their targets.

MediaAssociats.com advertisement landing page

Take a look at Media Associates, one of the advertisers in the above Google search.

Their ad would suggest an audience that is familiar with marketing, both online and offline, because they use the term “media buying”. This is an industry term that most lay persons wouldn’t understand. So we can guess that if they were a competitor of yours, you too would utilize industry terms.

You’d likely target someone like this:

  • Interested in marketing and advertising
  • Is the Chief Marketing Officer, VP of Marketing, Director of Marketing, Manager of Marketing, or Owner of a Medium to Large business
  • Actively looking for “media buying” partner
  • Has money to spend and understands the average pricing model

This is just scratching the surface of this potential Best Buyer, but gives you an introductory understanding of how to approach the research.

Step Three: FOCUS

Now that you’ve identified your Best Offer and your Best Buyer, it’s time to get hyper-focused on this and ONLY this.

FOCUS is not only a powerful word, but here at Get Quirked! we use it as an acronym…

Follow One Course Until Success

In order to stop doing all the things for all the people, you’re going to have to tear that FOMO from your conscious and sub-conscious mind. The thing that makes you the most profit, energizes you, and provides a ton of value for your customers is the only thing you should be working on 100% of the time.

With that in mind, nail it and document that process.

Your goal here is to identify all the elements that you need to DO to accomplish the sale of, delivery of, and successful execution of this product, service, activity to and for your customer.

With all those steps identified, you can begin to implement people, tools, and systems to be able to SCALE it with marketing and advertising… all the while knowing that no matter the influx of new customers your team can handle it and grow as needed with little on-boarding and education time.

To Sum It Up…

Step one, clearly identify your Best Offer.

Step two, clearly identify your Best Buyer.

Step three, use some pig-headed discipline and determination to FOCUS on only that Best Offer.

By focusing all your time and energy on that which gives you the most personal return, the goal of enjoying your business again will be accomplished. PLUS, you’ll have a process to follow for adding those other “offers” back into your business if they make sense.

The key to all of this is to stay FOCUSed. Don’t get all “Oooo, shiny…” and forget what you’re trying to accomplish. It’s going to be hard to stay dedicated but let your own data speak for itself… stick to your Best Offer and you WILL succeed.

If you’re looking for some help with these 3 steps, I highly suggest you join the Ultimate Offer Blueprint group coaching program. We’ll help you do all 3 of these steps over the span of 6 weeks! Learn more about the program and apply to join here.