How do you qualify your leads so you only speak to your best clients? We’re going to focus on 3 big tips to help you qualify prospects and leads BEFORE you have to speak with them on the phone or in person.

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Why should I qualify leads before speaking to them?

Your time is incredibly valuable, right? So why would you spend your time speaking to prospects or leads that do not match who your ‘Best Buyers’ are?

As an attorney your time should be spent working on client cases. Not spent on asking the same questions over and over and over. You can leverage templates to help, but using a CRM with your website and forms can really help streamline things.

Your 3 tips to qualify leads before you have to speak with them directly

  • Use an intake form
  • Tell people exactly who you can help the MOST
  • Delegate it

Qualify leads with an intake form

Use an intake form or questionnaire to help pre-qualify clients that want to connect with you and your firm. This helps you to filter out those that match 100%, 75%, and lower the crucial elements that your best buyers have.

You can leverage Web forms, sites like Typeform.com , and most CRMs have forms you can link to or embed on web pages.

Tell people exactly who you can help the MOST

This is a crucial step to all your content. When you tell your audience exactly who you work best with, they respond when they match! It’s kind of the easiest way to qualify any lead you might get.

Establish your best buyer criteria, tell everyone about that criteria. Frame it as you can help many people, but these people you can help the most, best, easiest.

Delegate your lead qualification to someone else

A lot of us struggle to delegate anything, let alone lead qualification. This is a great way to get things off your plate, but you can’t just give it away half-assed.

Make time to outline and document your process for qualifying leads, make sure you train and “test”. Whomever you train, do a mock-session to help them identify opportunities and get better.

Top 3 tips to qualify your law firm leads

In summary, lead qualification doesn’t have to be “rocket science”. Just be clear and make it simple for your prospects to qualify themselves.

  • Use an intake form
  • Tell people exactly who you can help the MOST
  • Delegate it

If you’d like help building your qualification systems, connect with us and see if we are a fit for each other!

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