Change is NOT hard. #unpopularopinion

We make it hard because we don’t want to do it… for loads of reasons.

Instead of reminding people change is hard, why don’t we say “Change can be difficult. And together… we can take one step at a time to get thru it. Our first step will be ______. Together. Let’s do this.”

The image below is of the “Escape from, Arrive to Framework”

Screenshot of the Escape from, Arrive to framework Notion template

I use this for a lot… not just marketing, or product development, or offer development.

I use it to guide a path thru change.

Because it’s all transformation.

In business, we help others transform their current state into a desired new state.

With marketing, we help people see the potential for transformation.

And as leaders, we help people transform themselves and others in order to grow & do better.

So let’s stop saying “change is hard.”

It isn’t.

Especially if we go thru it, one step at a time, together.

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