How to setup your Facebook business page with Messages.

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Today we’re answering some consistent questions we’ve been getting about using the Message feature for Facebook Pages.

In our previous video we got into the simple act of turning this Message function on, but many people have had a recurring issue… and unfortunately we were not able to actually SOLVE this problem because there is NO documentation about it… like anywhere.

SO, instead we’re going to get into setting up your Facebook Business Page to use Facebook Messenger in order to connect with more of your fans, community, and customers!

This feature is not turned on by default, so if you’ve had your page for a while and haven’t looked in on your Facebook Page settings, you likely don’t even know this is a possible feature.

Being able to instantly connect with and communicate with your fans and customers is a great way to address questions or concerns, promote a new offer, deal, or coupon, AND can dramatically increase your sales.

So follow along and be sure to look out for more easy setup tutorials like this one from your favorite people here at Get Quirked!


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Hello and welcome in!

I’m Matt from Get Quirked and in this week’s video we’re answering some questions from a previous video.

I’m gonna link to it up there. So, the the questions all stem from how to set up the Facebook messenger button and system for your Facebook page.

Now, there’s many different ways to do this and many applications of doing this but the questions all centered around one thing…

People didn’t have the functionality!

Now right off the bat I’m gonna tell you I didn’t really find any answers. This is something that people who have had pages for a long time maybe they didn’t get updated or if they don’t have it published then they
won’t see the feature set.

Basically the answer is that I couldn’t find it…

So, I’m sorry that I can’t answer directly but what I can do is
walk you through the process from a little different standpoint than we did
in the previous video.

This time we’re really going to be focusing in on a page that does not have the messenger capability turned on yet.

So we’re gonna do that and see what changes here.

Now the first thing is and we’ll pop over to the computer so let’s get into it!

The first thing you’re gonna see here is the Brilliant Infographics page. This is a client of ours and they really have not had a whole lot of presence on Facebook, so that’s why we’re going to be helping them out with it now.

What we’re gonna do is pop over to settings right over here
and on the general tab you’ll see Messages. People cannot contact my page
privately this has to be on for any visitor to your Facebook page or
follower of your page to connect with you via messenger.

So what we need to do is click on edit we need to click this little check mark holy crap guys we just made that possible we just made it possible for people to leave a message.

Now what does that really get us well let’s go through and see what that did so let’s pop back over to the page and we have this button here that we can watch a video of there so we’re gonna edit that button.

We want people to contact us so send a message. That’d be great.

Now next, on Messenger you won’t receive messages from people in your inbox all right so now you can see it we’ve got our send message buh-ttON there and if you actually go to the page which is https://facebook.com/brilliantinfographics, you can interact with this button and see what we’re about to do for yourself and in the reals.

so let’s pop back over to settings and we’re gonna go into messaging here on the left.

The messaging tab… and this is gonna help walk us through how people can send messages to us what we can do to actually prompt people to send messages and then how people start a conversation.

So let’s do that…

First let’s give them some questions to ask.

So question one: Do you create the videos from templates or from scratch

Question two: How much is a video?

Question three: What are your operating hours?

and Question four: and we won’t do a question four.

Cool, so, we’ve got three questions

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!

This is how people can actually start some quick conversations with us.

Now the next thing here is our response assistant. We did go over this in that previous video. You can check the link, but go ahead and turn this on we’re just going to modify the message here so watch what goes on so somebody’s to say I got a question and the autoresponder in this case the instant reply is hi thanks for contacting us we got your message and appreciate your reaching out

well that’s not super helpful how is it so maybe

let’s say hi

hey there we go so we got our little personalization effort right here talking to the actual person who’s responding I am Matt that’s why it says

hi Matt and that’s it so we’ll just save that now we will let people know we can’t get to your computer that’s kind of what we just did we don’t really do that again show a messenger greeting yeah we could do that we’re not gonna though and then follow up messages automatically send customers a message

after their appointment to book with you
again now this is something that could

be crucial for a service based business
that takes appointments or books

meetings this could be really really
great if that’s you so if that is you

then go ahead and turn this on yeah
send send them a reminder turn the

follow up message on and then that would
allow them to set another appointment

via facebook Messenger pretty snazzy
for us or for brilliant infographics

rather we’re not going to turn that on
because why all right so that’s

basically it guys the new thing they do
have included here is on the messenger

platform tab we will just give you a
quick rundown this is basically how

people interact with your bot when you have a bot tied into Facebook. So BOTS… bot platforms are like ChatMatic, Chat Fuel, ManyChat

You might have heard these around the Internet’s. They can help encourage engagement with your page and with your content.

They can also be super annoying so take that for what you will and enjoy what you’ve just set up and hopefully you found this video valuable and helpful if you did go ahead and subscribe to the channel click that little bell icon so you know when we get new video content out there

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So thank you for tuning in we’ll talk at you soon!