I’m sure some of you old-school Facebook users remember the not so fabulous, Facebook Notes. But, even if you don’t, you are in for a treat today! Facebook Notes got an upgrade back in 2015 for personal accounts and more recently for Facebook pages. So, today I’m going to show you how to use Facebook Notes to boost your engagement with your existing audience and encourage even more account growth to increase your audience!

This, of course, comes with a caveat, not everyone will achieve massive growth and I make no promises that you should expect it. This is one more tool to add to your social media marketing toolkit and if done properly CAN help you see massive growth.

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This is your introduction to the interface and how it functions when used on Facebook. Ideally, you’ll use this feature to share updates to your audience in a long-form style, more so that writing a simple post or sharing a photo/video.

It’s great because Facebook Notes is basically a quick and dirty blog platform housed right within Facebook.. you guess it, native content. What do we know about native content on Facebook? We know that it gets more priority and weight within the Facebook algorithm.

BOOM, just like natively uploaded video to Facebook, Facebook Notes will help you reach more people because you’re telling Facebook that you don’t want your fans and followers to leave… just yet.

Don’t Use Facebook Notes Instead Of Your Blog

This doesn’t mean that you should use Facebook Notes as a blog, however. Don’t do that, silly!

You still want to keep your blog on your website under YOUR control and not someone else’s.

BUT, you can use this amazing feature to drive more traffic to your blog by providing a quick intro or synopsis of your full-length blog post or video or podcast. Right?? That makes more sense!

If Facebook decides to drop this feature from its platform, you don’t want to lose all your content, do you? No, that would be silly of you and you are NOT silly. You are a business owner looking to help people solve their problems for years to come with this amazing content you are producing and publishing to this amazing community you’re growing online!

Can We Use Facebook Notes With Paid Media (Facebook Ads)?

A burning question I’m sure many of you have is, “Hey, this seems like a great flipping new tool… but can we use Facebook Notes as ads??” The short answer is no.

At least, at this moment in time. HOWEVER, Facebook is constantly updating its platform and opening new ways for us business owners, advertisers, and marketers to use their Facebook Ads platform. Maybe this will happen someday soon or maybe it will never happen. If you only use Facebook for paid media, for now, I’ve maybe wasted your time.

Or have I!!???!?!?! Yes, likely. Sorry.

Facebook Notes will help you add variety to your content and help you reach more people

Be sure to use this feature of your FREE platform called Facebook to enhance your customer interactions and experience on Facebook.

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Download our 3 Step Guide to Using Facebook to Grow Your Business
Download our 3 Step Guide to Growing Your Business using Facebook https://downloads.getquirked.co/3-step-guide