Clearly identify what you want them to do when they see your ads

Before you think about running ads for your legal practice, you have to clearly identify this ONE big thing.

In today’s episode, I dive into the absolute first thing you must do before you advertise to generate leads for your legal practice.

Any attorney that doesn’t first identify what they want their prospects to know and then do when they see an ad is just wasting money.

There are some key parts of this first thing that you’ll need.

3 big parts to know before you begin

First, you have to know how much your best client is worth to your business.

A lot of marketers and business mentors or coaches will call this Lifetime Value of a Client.

If you don’t know what that is right now, you’ve got some homework to do before going any further.

Next, you have to clearly identify what it is that your potential clients are running away from. What is their big pain or fear?

What is keeping them up at night and consuming their every waking moment?

This is where marketing and advertising work the best. For whatever reason, humans will attach faster and more deeply to a painful experience than to a joyful one.

So, we want your marketing and advertising to capitalize on that tidbit of psychology.

After that and most crucial to clearly identify…

What is it that your potential clients want to arrive to? What is their perfect day outcome, yes OUTCOME, that they want to achieve by solving and eliminating the pain or fear they are going through?

This is where many business owners miss out. They tend to focus the message of their marketing around the service they provide OR the general type of legal segment they are in.

This isn’t high on your prospect’s priority list.

What is high on their list finding someone that knows what they are going through and can guide them away from experiencing it any further.

For you skimmers

Clearly identify what YOU want your audience to know and do when they see your ads.

Know how much your best client is worth to you before you advertise.

Figure out and be able to clearly describe the pain or fear your audience is experiencing right now, AND what they want to or expect to experience when that pain or fear is gone.

Attorneys hire me to build systems that attract AND qualify clients BEFORE you speak to them on the phone or in person.

If you want help building and running marketing and advertising campaigns that attract your best clients, qualify them and make your life less hectic, use that Chatbot widget to get my attention and schedule some time to talk.

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Podcast transcription

Before you even think about running ads to get leads for your practice, there is one major thing you have got to do. If you don’t know who I am, I’m Matt Quirk, and attorneys hire me to build systems that attract and qualify clients before you even speak to them on the phone or in person.

Now, let’s dive into this. The first thing you need to do before you advertise for your practice and try to get new leads, you have to understand what you want your audience to know and do with that advertisement, not only with the ad but then what’s that next step. So there are three big parts to this first thing of knowing what you want your audience to know and do.

First, how much is a client worth to your business? If you don’t know how much one client, and let’s say it’s your best client, if you don’t know how much your best client is worth to your business, you got to start there. That’s going to be the first thing to identify. The next thing you have to identify is what are they running away from? What’s the major pain that they are currently experiencing that they don’t want to experience anymore.

The third thing, lastly, as I said, three big parts of this first thing to do before you advertise. The third thing, you have to know what they want to arrive to. Everyone’s looking for outcomes, not experiences, not the service that you provide. They want to know what life is going to be like after they don’t have to experience this pain anymore. That’s what everyone’s trying to get away from, that’s what they’re running from.

Now, what they want to arrive to. Again, I’m going to say this slowly, outcomes. Don’t talk about the service you provide, nobody cares. They do care about how you provide your service because it will paint the picture of how you are going to get them to that outcome but you have to paint the picture of the outcome.