Building good will and trust within your marketplace has never been more important.

The internet has made it possible to get in front of a lot of people which is great! However that means anyone with a smart phone can get in front of anyone else with a smart phone so you’re competing for attention.

One of the best ways to compete and build good will is to show up consistently and provide value before ever asking for the sale.

The next step in this process of consistency is to make an offer, as many as possible. As we know and is evident by so many successful internet entrepreneurs, the amount of money you make is directly (I believe at least) to the amount of good will you build, value you provide, and offers you make.

So with your Best Offer in mind, show up and be consistent with your audience. If that’s every day on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube or wherever, OR building and publishing something once a week, OR even once a month at a local networking event, just be consistent.

If you aren’t sure what your Best Offer is you’re in luck…

Get your copy of the Best Offer worksheet by going here and downloading: https://getquirked.co/BestOffer

HOT TIP: Print it, laminate it, and use it with your team.