Escape from -> Arrive to.

This is a fantastic framework for building out your customer journey for you next marketing campaign.

What is it that your customer wants to “escape from” and what is it that they want to “arrive to”?

Help them understand the journey…

Then build offers around the milestones to help them achieve “small wins” on the journey to their desired “arrive to” point.

This concept is not new. It’s not an improvement upon the old way.

It’s a reminder.

We forget that our customers are the hero in their own story, not us (the business).

The business/product/service is there to be the guide for the customer to help them on their journey.

You can apply this to many different aspects of your business…

Some will take this and call it customer journey mapping…

Some will build sales funnels with it…

Copywriters will use it to craft a story that sells/converts…

How do/are YOU using the “Escape from, Arrive to” framework?

If you’re interested, I’ve built a Notion page to help learn and execute this concept.

Screenshot of the Notion template page for the Escape from, Arrive to framework. Click the image to visit the Notion template and copy it to your own Notion workspace.
Copy the Escape from, Arrive to Framework Notion Template to your Notion workspace.

Originally posted to LinkedIn here.