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Hey, hey everybody, what’s up?

I am here today talking to you about how to get more customer referrals using email. I got two things for you, I got some tips, I got some scripts but you gotta stick around to the very end to be able to access them.

So, stay tuned but for now, let’s get into it.

Execute excellently!

So the first thing we really wanna focus on in delivering a high-value experience for creating these customer referrals using email, is really focusing in on driving excellent service.

The first and really most crucial step about being in business is providing that customer experience that is excellent, providing that service or product that is absolutely amazing so that customers want to refer you naturally.

Now, there’re a couple things that we can do to kinda see this conversation and that’s what we’re gonna be talking about today.

Tip number one, drive excellent service.

The next thing we wanna do is even before we have a customer, we wanna start seeding the idea of referring you new business.

There’s a couple ways we can do this but the best way that I’ve found to be successful in a service based business like this, you know, marketing, consulting, coaching even when we were focused on web design and development and even before that when we were focused on graphic design.

The whole idea about letting people know up front, the experience you expect to not only provide to them but also the experience you expect in return is very, very valuable.

Seed the idea of referring you new business early and then keep it going. Never stop nurturing that seed.

Never stop nurturing that seed.

So step two, it really is focusing on, you know, never stop nurturing the seed that you planted.

This would be in prelim conversations when they’re in prospect phase, when you’ve closed them as a client and the on-boarding phase when you are delivering the product or service over however long you deliver your product or service.

As well as working that into becoming a satisfied customer and really, driving that experience home.

The next step around this nurturing thing is remind them who your best buyers are. All the criteria that you look for that makes up your best buyers.

All of the credentials that you understand fit your best buyer mold, your model. And then also remind them what you don’t want.

That’s just as important as reminding customers or even prospects what you don’t want in a customer or a client.

That’s definitely something that we focus on, we really like to work with businesses that are:

  • making at least $100 to $500,000 in annual revenue
  • they are very marketing focused, they understand the value that marketing can bring
  • they’re looking for systems to be developed in several different areas of digital marketing… so that they can do these things and help get their customers or their prospects into the system… so that they can reap the rewards and not have to do all the work themselves

The biggest commodity that we have here is our time.

We can’t be giving up our time and expect having a big return unless the things we’re giving up our time for are equally as valuable to the people and the efforts that we are giving that time to.

Never stop nurturing the seed that you planted.

You want to make it a win-win situation for the customer and for you. There’s a couple ways that we can do this but one of the easiest and obvious answers is to provide an incentive of some kind.

Sometimes this can be monetary, sometimes this can be with more value added from you service.

Doesn’t really matter what the win-win is but as your old pal Grant Cardone likes to say, you can’t have a sales conversation without an equal exchange of value.

So focus on creating a win for the customer as well as providing that win for you. It’s getting kinda windy outside, I apologize for that. But we’re gonna keep trudging on.

So the next step is really from the customer’s standpoint. You wanna make this process in the system about getting referrals as easy and simple for your customers to actually take action on it. Because no one’s gonna do it if it’s two or three or four, 12 steps to actually make this happen.

So you wanna make it as easy as possible.

We’ll get into this a little bit later but for now, just really focus in on making it incredibly simple and easy for customers to refer.

Moving forward, we wanna show them how simple and easy it is to do, use, complete the process.

The biggest thing here is really being able to visually show or walk them through on the phone if you can.

But in our realm, we focus in on the digital so, pretty much everyone has access to the internet that we deal with as far as their customers go. So we wanna help them build a system that is digital focused.

We can remind them with different ways that can be both physical, digital, setup different systems, but we really want to provide the act of referring new business as the most simple and easy to use as possible.

And then we wanna show them exactly how to do that. Think about it in a step one, step two and step three scenario.

Really want to build that opportunity so that people understand exactly what to do and they don’t get confused and they really just take action immediately.

Now, this is another crucial step and it kinda goes back to our first point about delivering excellent service, continue building that relationship with your customers.

It’s really, really, really important to not let that relationship just fall off because then when you come back around and say, hey, you remember when we did that good work for you? Or with you? Or provided you x value? Yeah, we’d love to do that for more people like you.

And they’re like, Yeah, but that was a while ago, I don’t even know you anymore.

You wanna keep building that relationship.

Never stop talking to the customer, never stop trying to provide even more value, doesn’t matter if it’s with another sale or with something that can enhance what you’ve already done or if it’s just a conversation.

Just say, “hey, checking in. Hope you’ve been well. We’d love to see how things are going for you. Everything that we provided, is that still providing value for you?” “Great.”

That’s it. Continue building that relationship, build that rapport with your customers. Now we’re going to get into some of the meat and potatoes. We’re gonna hop back over to the computer and just kinda showcase a couple things.

Alright, welcome back. And we are here on the computer really focusing in on what we do in these stages.

We talked a little bit about seeding the conversation, we talked about what to do during on-boarding, how to continue this through all the stages of becoming a client and customer so that you’re actually really focused on providing the seed, if you will, and nurturing the seed, growing it to fruition so that you can get more client referrals from your best buyers.

Here’s a great example of a first interaction.

This is meant to be kind of an in-person thing. You wanna prime the audience, prime your prospect and say, you know, thanks so much for connecting. Before we dive into what brought you here today, would it be okay if I share how we work with our clients?

Prospects likely going to say, Yeah, sure, okay.

Great, our customers come to us from many places but about 80% of them come from referrals. This is by design because we actually love working with people just like you.

So, what I’d like to ask is if, and only if, you find the experience working with us positive, valuable and helpful that you refer us to new clients. Again, not now only if you feel the experience of working with us was positive, valuable and helpful. Would that be okay?

At the end of that the prospect is likely to say, yeah, sounds good no problem. Let’s go ahead and get started.

And that’s where you move into the further and more deep engagement there.

What this looks like in email is very similar.

Hi Jim, thanks so much for connecting. Before we dive into any specifics, I’d like to share how we work with our clients.

Our customers come to us from many places but about 80% of them come from referrals.

This is by design because we love working with people just like you. So, what I’d like to ask is if, and only if, you find the experience working with us positive, valuable and helpful that you refer us people just like yourself.

Again, only if you feel the experience of working with us was positive, valuable, and helpful.

Okay, now let’s dive into your problems, needs, desires however you would address this to a prospect.

Now moving forward, working in the nurturing sequence.

This can happen during on-boarding but really you’ll kinda see here that we paint the picture of really telling a deeper story and giving the prospect a deeper understanding in this phase so that they understand what to expect later.

Jim, great chatting with you and I’m excited to work with you to your better outcome.

As a reminder, our customers come to us from many places but about 80% of them come from referrals.

This is where we wanna share a client’s success story either told by us or in the form of a testimonial from a customer or client.

After that, periodically throughout our engagement, I’ll share some stories like the one above from clients just like you that had amazing results with us, literal game-changers.

It’s my goal to create a similar success story with you and your business. These stories help us win new business because we fulfilled on our promises to you.

If you’d ever like to hear it from the horse’s mouth, just let me know and I’ll put you in touch with some of our previous clients.

Cheers, salutations.

Our next idea of a script here is really just continuing that same segment, that same series and really working towards the sale.

Jim, so excited for our on-boarding call on Tuesday. As promised, here’s another client success story to help get you pumped about our work together. Again, share your client’s success story.

This could be something you tell, from your point of view, as the business owner or the service provider.

Or in the form of a testimonial from your client directly. After that, hope you’re as excited as I am to kick this off. Chat with you soon.

Cheers, name.

P.s, if you are so stoked, you can’t stand it and want to share us with someone just like you, we’ve got this quick two-minute video showing you exactly how to get your referral bonus.

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This kinda gets into making it easy and understandable and simple so that your prospect or your client can quickly understand not only how to go about sending referrals but also what the structure of the incentive program that you’ve built is for them.

What’s in it for them?

We’re always talking about the WIFM.

The easier that you can get the point across, the more simplified you can make the process of giving you a referral, the better.

Moving on to after we’ve delivered our product or our service.

Hi Jim, this has been an amazing experience and we are so grateful to have you as a client.

If you know anyone, just like you, that is in need of, outcome you provide via service, product.

This is something you customize yourself.

We’d love to help them.

Here’s a quick two-minute video to help you through the incredibly simple process we developed for you to refer your friends and colleagues. Again, add the URL.

Hope you’re as excited as I am to kick this off. Chat with you soon.

That’s it guys. It’s that simple.

I’m Matt from Get Quirked and it’s been my pleasure to bring you this information.

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