Hey, everyone. Wanted to pop on and do a quick update on Messenger because Facebook has changed some things. The Messenger app at least on my iPhone didn’t use to allow you to change between pages and everything. It was really just meant for your personal profile.

Recent changes to Facebook Messenger

But recently they made an update, and if you click up here on the top left corner on your icon, you’ll see these options here, and what you want is Switch Account. This should show you all of the pages that you were an admin for. Let’s say we want to pop onto the Get Quirked page, and then you can start engaging in the chats there.

Now, it still functions a little bit differently than normal Messenger. You still have to have had some sort of prior connection, meaning someone has to reach out to you in order to engage them.

Don’t make it creepy

You can’t just go willy nilly and start chatting with anyone from your business page. Facebook does this for a couple reasons, but the main one is it’s pretty fricking creepy, so don’t do that.

Yeah, but you can encourage people to engage with you via Messenger or messages on your page, and then that’s how you can start engaging with them via chat. So you can do that in post. You can do that as a giveaway, comment below or leave us a message with this message.

Just something like that. You can make it fun. You can make it really cool.

Quick recap on how to use Facebook Messenger with your Facebook business page

But yeah, so I just wanted to pop in and show you how to do that. Again, that’s going up here to the top left, focusing on your profile picture, and then you want to hit Switch Account, and again, you can go to any of the pages that you are an admin for. That’s that.

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