What is local search marketing?

Local search marketing is being able to market your local business. One that has a physical location, marketing to that physical location and the surrounding areas. The way that we target that business is on the internet through search.

This can be very powerful because almost everyone in the world is now using a mobile device. Whether that’s a phone or a tablet, and they’re out in the world looking for solutions for their problems. It could be as simple as, “I need a place to eat tacos within one mile of my current location.” What we can do with local search marketing is actually target those locations around your business and look at certain terms that we can target for as well.

So how do I make local search marketing work for my business?

How do we plan for the most amount of traffic with the least amount of resistance? There are several different ways we can do this, but the way that we like to look at it is, what are people already using in their language around search when they’re searching for your business? This is important because the world is becoming more and more flexible in how we as humans communicate. The internet makes it so much easier to find information, but it also makes it … but it also comes at a price of technology ever expanding and ever improving.

We have to be aware of what our technology allows us as users, as people who are searching for things, to do. One of the coolest things that is starting to take the world by storm is voice search.

Google and other search engines have been using these “long-tail keywords”. Basically these are more specific search queries that people are typing into the search field. So instead of searching for “restaurant near me” or “taco restaurant near me,” they would be searching for “best tacos in Phoenix near me” or “best tacos in El Paso 2017”.

You have a specific term in a specific genre or topic you’re searching for…

Google search for the "best taco shop near me" screenshot

You have identified a restaurant near your locale or near a location, and you’ve identified a type of food that restaurant would be known for, as well as tied those together. You’ve done this in a series of five or six words. That’s highly powerful because you’re getting very specific.

Not everyone is going to search for that, but you can almost guarantee that someone who is searching for “best taco restaurant near me” wants tacos right now. They’re looking to do business with you right now. They’re 80% of the way there. All they really need now is to be shown your listing and be given an action to take whether that is call or get directions. We need to provide them with that answer.

So that’s what local search marketing can do!

Local search marketing can provide the answers for people who are searching for solutions to their problems… that you can help them solve.

That’s why local search marketing is so powerful and why you should be doing it for your business.