Want to generate more Clients?

We're here to help guide you toward the right warm audience, build the right marketing plan and get your law firm moving in the right direction.

Marketing Analysis

We’ll analyze your business, your clients, and your potential for improvement on what’s currently working for you. Next, you’ll get our findings and some suggestions for moving forward with a marketing focused directive.

This plan is strictly analysis and consulting work, meaning we will only be completing analysis of your business. No marketing plans or implementation of the consulting work will be done.

  • Business Discovery and Analysis
  • Client Discovery and Analysis

Approximately 1 month of Discovery and 1 month to complete the analysis build our recommendations for you.

We will have 1-2 discovery meetings per category of analysis (business and customers) and then create our detailed summaries and strategies for you to implement.

Get Quirked! marketing analysis document mocked up on an iPad that is standing upright on a desk propped against some books

Our Best Clients

We define out best clients with a very particular set of criteria. Please, before you submit your application to work with Get Quirked make sure you align with our criteria.

  1. Your business is a service based business
  2. Your annual revenue is currently $500,000+
  3. You are committed to making changes you are advised on
  4. Able to invest $1500 prior to our first consultation meeting

That’s it, straight forward and simple guidelines we have for our clients.

Again, if you fit these criteria please complete the form and a member of the team will reach out to setup our first call and collect our consulting fee.