There are many ways to get your message heard and seen by people these days. The internet truly has opened up the world of communication, which is great but also can be daunting when you think about it from a marketing perspective. Video is currently “gold” in the world of marketing because it’s fast becoming readily available through the internet on nearly all devices and an innumerable amount of streaming services like YouTube, Twitch, Hulu, Netflix, and Facebook just to name a few. By adding to the already saturated market of video on the web, your marketing videos will be lost to the ages and be seen by a very small amount of people… right?

Well yes and no. When we think about all the things possible with utilizing marketing online today the vast many of all the business owners in the world probably have the following two mindsets and thoughts…

  1. Videos are expensive to produce and who knows how my audience will respond to them.
  2. I don’t have a big following so my video isn’t going to be seen and there for is pointless to pursue making.

Both of these are valid thoughts, but both can quickly be dispelled by a few simple facts backed up by data. The first of which, your marketing videos do not have to be wildly produced visions of glory and grandeur to be successful. Many people and businesses are successfully incorporating video into their marketing strategy that shoot on their iPhone and do a direct upload without editing or any other post-production work. Hell, it seems these days the majority of videos I see online are either shot on a phone or direct from the camera on a desktop computer or laptop. So please dispel your notions of huge budgets, actors, visual effects, or that you have to spend actual money to produce highly effective marketing videos for your business.

Second, in order to know how YOUR audience will respond to anything you need to TEST it. We’re big on testing as much as possible, with nearly everything we do, so of course we’re going to talk about the importance of testing any idea you have. Use the data you collect from your tests to inform your decision to move forward with using videos to better market your business, product or service. We could, should and will write more on testing your ideas, but for now let’s stay on task with using videos to help market your business.

Third, you actually do not need a big following in order to get your video seen by a ton of people. You don’t even need a $10,000+ budget per month to get it shown to a lot of people and see sales from it. There are tools out there like Facebook’s Ads platform that are currently tuned to give extra power to video ads and coupled with their insane and constantly updating algorithms you can create a large, some might even say huge, audience based on your currently small segment. We’ve taken an audience of only a few hundred people and created an audience of similarly minded people up into the millions in under an hour. Seriously! Check the screenshot below:

 Facebook Ads account showing custom lookalike audiences of millions created from just over 10,000


 How Does Video Help?

Video is a fantastic tool for getting your messaging across quickly and by using video on the internet, your audience can watch and re-watch whenever they want! That’s a huge plus for anyone that finds your video while their at work, or gets an email that you send them when they are at their child’s recital or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament. Whatever your potential customer is doing when they get your call to watch the amazing new video you’ve just released on their exact problem, it’s giving them the opportunity to engage with it and your brand on their schedule.

Getting down to the nitty-gritty, we have all experienced that moment when someone next to you busts out laughing at some hilarious marketing videos they’ve come across online. We ourselves have a handful that we always reference when presenting the idea of adding video to a marketing campaign for our clients. There are a few brands that have become so well known for their videos that people go nuts whenever they release a new one.

Brands like Dollar Shave Club, Dollar Beard Club, and even The Rich Dad Company have had great success with their marketing videos in the past 5 years. Check them out below to see how humor can play a great role in brand engagement and increased sales.

Rich Dad Poor Dad powered by Clutch Learning


Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Beard Club

These videos all have a humorous component to them, but that doesn’t mean yours has to. What you should actually take from these is how they each address their target demographic’s major pain point. For example, the Dollar Shave Club video speaks directly to those who shave often and are sick of paying high prices for razors that are just ok. For $1 a month, you get the same amazing shaving devices you’re used to shipped directly to your house. Pretty simple, right?

That’s why videos like these and potentially your own can be so damn effective in attracting new customers and increasing sales. They define the problem, identify how that problem makes you feel, provide a solution to that problem that is both amazing AND attainable, then call you to action. Hit’s you right in the feels and you can’t help but want to make a purchase. They are using techniques that have been around and harnessed by the best salesmen and saleswomen in the world for over 100 years. These same techniques and tactics can be implemented by any business in any market. Seriously.

How do I find more information about marketing videos?

There are many great sources of knowledge for learning these techniques and tactics, as well as why they are effective. Digital Marketer is a great place to learn tactics and techniques. We are Digital Marketer Lab members and have been for over 2 years. The tools they provide along with the insights on how to more effectively speak to customers has helped not only our agency, but also each and every one of our clients.

In one of their latest podcasts, the use of video was their main focus and they provide some great ways to utilize marketing videos for your business to increase the effectiveness of any ad campaign you might run on Facebook. They brought the founder of Dollar Beard Club on to discuss how his company utilized video to take their company to $100 million in revenue. Listen to the podcast here.

What MORE can Google do for you?

Another great resource for knowledge on how to make an impact with marketing videos and understand their effectiveness is to sign up for updates from Google. Google is more than just a search engine these days and puts out really great knowledge bombs on topics like How Brands Can Blur the Lines Between TV and Online Video or Marketing Trends That Defined Google’s Year in Search. Articles like these show that Google collects a lot of data, as we all know they do, but it also shows how they intend to use all that data. Their main goal and intent is truly to help the world gain more knowledge more quickly in order to use it and improve the world today.

The power that Google has to offer business owners with their data is nearly immeasurable and you can stay on top of it all by subscribing to their Think with Google blog. Not only do they send updates about their blog posts, but you’ll get snap-shots of data and metrics about things they are tracking that have direct impact on every business that is utilizing marketing videos as part of their digital strategies. In all fairness, the question shouldn’t really be “what more can Google do for you?”, but rather “how can we use what Google provides us to improve the experiences we provide to our customers and prospective customers?”.

In Conclusion…

So what does all this mean for you and your business? We hope you have a better understanding of how marketing videos can impact your existing marketing strategies, why video is the way of the future, and want to express that we are always here to chat if you’re ready to move forward with creating your own marketing videos.

If that last point hits you in the chest and you’re jumping for the phone, we have some great news for you. Keep reaching for that phone, call us RIGHT NOW, and let’s figure out the best way to speak to your audience in your first video: 623-748-4782