How to Get Even More 5 Star Reviews Fast for Your Local Business


Download my guide and template book for generating even more 5 star reviews on your favorite reviews platform today.

  • Ask for the review: It feels awkward once, then you’ll see the power of asking for a review!
  • Build this into your system:¬†Sure it takes work, but you can do it in as little as 1 week…
  • Auto-pilot: This will be your sure-fire way to get even more reviews on auto-pilot
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This step by step guide to getting more 5 star reviews for your local business is your key to consistently getting 5 star reviews for your local business.

There are email templates to use with existing clients and scripts for planting the seed for a 5 star review you can use in every conversation with a prospective client, through an engagement, and after the work is done.

We are students of persuasion and practice a few of the 6 principles of persuasion as discovered and written about in his book, Influence, Robert Cialdini.


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