Marketing Analysis


We’ll analyze your business, customers, and potential for improvement on what’s currently working for your business, then provide our findings and a plan of action for you to move forward with.



We’ll analyze your business, your customers, and your potential for improvement on what’s currently working for your business. Then provide you with our findings and some suggestions for moving forward with a marketing focused directive.

This plan is strictly analysis and consulting work, meaning we will only be completing analysis of your business. No marketing plans or implementation of the consulting work will be done.

  • Business Discovery and Analysis
    • Learn who you are
    • Analyze your website performance
    • Learn what you’re currently ranking for in Search
    • Analyze your written and visual content on your website, social media, and email
  • Customer Discovery and Analysis
    • Learn who they are
    • Understand what their exact problems and desires are
    • Learn the language they use about their problems and desires
  • Create a plan for you to implement and see improvement as quickly as possible

Approximately 1 month of Discovery and 1 month to complete the analysis.


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