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A Range of Services for a Range of Needs

We know every business is different and we work to help each out clients identify and define the scope of services they, both require and desire. You are the most important

Customer Language Research

  • We speak with previous and current customers & clients to learn the actual language they used when describing their pain points and burning desires to themselves
  • We’ll identify the key phrases and emotions they used so we can form better marketing copy & strategies for your company and brand
  • Create your One Key Fan (sometimes we’ll create multiple) profile so we know exactly who we are speaking to and how to speak to them most effectively

Digital Marketing Strategy & Plan Development

  • With your One Key Fan in mind we will define goals to accomplish, create plans of attack to successfully attain those goals & designate metrics to use for measuring the success of our plans of attack.
  • From start to finish, we’ll create a thorough and complete strategy for YOUR company to see the most successes from in both the short-term and long-term.
  • Define our tools and platforms to utilize
  • Create a roadmap for your team (or our team) to follow while implementing the plan

Local Listing & Citation Management – $950 p/m for a minimum of 6 months contracted

  • Capture & claim existing local listings and citations
  • Clean up these listing profiles and ensure the correct information is on each one
  • Claim new citations with up to 30 unique local listing agencies & entities
  • Maintain all local listings & citations thru the term of the contract
  • SEO research to identify the correct keywords & phrases being used to search for the services that Colonial Electric provide
    • This research can be used across many different marketing mediums and is NOT limited to use for Search Engine Ranking Factors
  • On-site SEO to assist with search rankings for terms that can help drive new business consistently (typically takes 6-12 months to see good results from SEO work)

Social Media Management 

  • Up to 20 posts per week, per platform
  • Up to 4 unique social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, & more)
  • Content optimization and custom Profile artwork as needed
  • Posting three to five times per week (except Pinterest, which we pin to 15 times per week)
  • Community interactions, responding to questions, comments, and all fan interaction
  • Custom graphic design and branded content creation
  • PLUS, a dedicated campaign manager who works tirelessly for YOU!

Social Media Marketing 

  • Custom advertising campaigns using paid media ads
  • You define the budget, we create the plan
  • Custom audience and demographic creation
  • Platform & Keyword research
  • Create all parts (if necessary) of the marketing funnel
    • Initial ads, retargeting ads, landing pages, offer pages, and emails that follow-up
  • Custom graphics, photography, & videography
  • You’ll get monthly reports on the campaign performance
    • Goal definition
    • Metrics for measuring our progress
    • Progress reports & plans for the following month’s implementation

Custom Website Design & Development

  • Up to 2, hour long meetings to discover exactly what functions the website needs to perform for its visitors, as well as the business owners/staff

  • Custom design of 1 unique home page template and 3 unique internal site page templates

  • Up to 2 rounds of revisions

    • Typically batches to save time and eliminate extra revisions later
  • Development & Testing of the website design

  • Developed locally on Get Quirked! personal servers

  • Once stable, we will move the site to a “Staging” location on a remote server with a private URL. This will allow our team & your team to test the functionality of the website before going “live”

  • Once approved, we will migrate the website to your hosting company and test the entire site one last time before making it available for indexing by the major search engines

  • 2 periods of review with request for revisions specifically for adjusting common functions of the website operations

Email Marketing

  • We’ll create &/or manage your email marketing systems in order to foster a stronger connection with our new &/or existing potential leads

  • Custom email template creation
  • Create unique, branded graphics
  • Write the copy of each email campaign & automation structure
  • Schedule each campaign to be sent at the optimal time of day & day of the week for YOUR audience
  • Monitor and track performance of each email
    • Open rates & Click-thru rates
    • Final offer conversions

We Are Your Digital Marketing Team of Experts

We’ll help you take your lead generation & your revenue to levels you never thought possible before… all be learning exactly what your customers need from YOUR business.

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