Hey there, I want to give you a perfect example as to why building for search engine optimization, or SEO, and long-term maintenance is very crucial for the success of your business basically.

Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/Ky7BpASVBK8

local business client Google Analytics over time to show that a well built site needs a long-term search engine optimization plan implemented to see success

So this is a, an active client of ours where we built them a website.
We started out with the SEO heavy plan in mind. They didn’t want to move forward with any ongoing SEO services.

Yes, their account is low, but they were getting no traffic to their site before.

And not only is this traffic, but it’s good traffic, it’s traffic that actually has been driving the business.

No matter what you do on the front end, it’s always, and you can see that this goes up and down and up and down and up and down.

But you’re starting to see a trend here.

And this is on a monthly scale.

Building a website, even with all the planning for search engine optimization, you’re going to miss out.

You might see a positive uptake in the beginning as you can see here.

But after a while it’s going to start to diminish. Not only is this due to changes that Google makes, but also due to changes that customers want.

People search locally for specific needs to serve specific problems.

If you’re not keeping up with content and engagement, then you’re going to see the results dwindle over time.

Now, we are working with this client now very recently to build a new plan for success for them.

If you’d like us to do a quick audit of what you got going with your website…

And see where we could add some benefit to you and set you up for success in the long run, then please get in touch with us.

You can leave me a comment below or you can click on that chat icon. We can start a conversation about your website and your business.

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