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Our Digital Marketing Services

  • Analyze your existing website
  • Analyze your current social media profiles
  • Interview customers to learn their language
  • Create a marketing plan of action
  • Analyze your existing website
  • Analyze your current social media profiles
  • Interview customers to learn their language
  • Create a marketing plan of action
  • Review your social media profiles monthly
  • Review your website traffic & sales monthly
  • Meet with you twice a month to discuss the results of our plan and your actions
  • Analyze your existing website
  • Analyze your current social media profiles
  • Interview customers to learn their language
  • Create a marketing plan of action
  • Review your social media profiles monthly
  • Review your website traffic & sales monthly
  • Our team of experts will implement everything for you
  • Meet with you 4 times every month to discuss the results of our plan and actions

I’m writing to thank you and your company Get Quirked for the amazing video you made us! At the Rich Dad Company we do a lot of promotions and Facebook marketing but the video you made for us beat our previous efforts by over 100%.

In addition to the huge success, your team made it so easy. They listened to our needs and brand concerns and created the perfect video. The speed at which you created our video was incredible.

We will be using you again, a lot!

Thanks again,
Greg Arthur

Greg Arthur

Director of Marketing, The Rich Dad Company

As a small business owner and a creative person sometimes the process of a new website can be challenging…or haunting! But I knew from the very second I sat down with Matt from Get Quirked I was in good hands!

I really feel that a website says a lot about you as a person and a business owner and if your visit my site you will hopefully leave it knowing that I take pride in my work as does Matt and know that we believe in providing unsurpassed customer service along with a beautiful finished product. I do not endorse many people due to the lack of these qualities but I can honestly say by choosing Matt from Get Quirked it would be a very smart business chose. You cannot lose by picking Get Quirked for your website needs!

Katina Patriquin

Owner, Katina Patriquin Photography

If you want a well-thought-out approach to branding and design, Get Quirked! (Haha, it’s a good thing I don’t write copy for him.) Seriously though, their attention to detail and genuine passion to provide my new startup with what I needed for branding and design was awesome.

They do an excellent job of drilling down to brass tacks on what my company and brand is about, how it’s going to be delivered (product, print, digital, etc) and who my customers are. On top of it all, they’re good people, easy to get along with, and I thoroughly enjoyed working with them.

Dave Leong

Owner, New Leaf Outfitters

“Learn the language your customers use around their major pain points and the burning desires they have that make their lives better. Then you will truly understand how to speak to them more effectively.”
Matt Quirk – Owner, Get Quirked!

We Give You Your Time Back

Sharpen Your Messaging

No matter where you are in the life of your coaching business, it’s likely that you actually struggle to speak to your customers biggest pain points or desires. The key in marketing is to speak directly to your customers in a way that suggests you can remove their pain or fulfill their desires by offering them guidance, a plan and finally pushing them toward an action.

I want to sharpen my company’s message

Building Your Strategy

It takes time to craft a good digital marketing strategy to market your business. The worlds most valuable commodity isn’t something that is traded on the stock exchanges of the world, it’s time. The more time you spend building your strategy, the less time you have to run your business. We work with you to build the best marketing strategy for your coaching business that speaks directly to your customers while keeping you on-task running the business.

I want to start building my strategy

Tracking Performance

In order to craft the perfect message and best performing elements of your marketing campaign, you need to be able to test. Tracking the performance of all your marketing touch-points is the only way to truly know what’s working, why, and gives you the ability to pivot to something different if necessary.

I want to start tracking our performance

Marketing For The Entire Journey

Keeping your customers informed about your business and how they can continue to solve their pain points by working with you is crucial to your relationship with them. You need marketing systems and procedures that help your customers understand this and continue to call them to action.

Let’s start building a plan for our customer’s entire journey today!

Our killer team of digital marketing experts will handle all your needs.

Get Quirked specializes in building, designing and executing marketing strategies and plans that are focused on one thing, making your business more money. Our marketing systems will help sell your products and services in a predictable fashion allowing you to quickly scale and become highly profitable.

Whether you’re in need of a marketing plan that YOU can put into action or a full-service team that can handle planning, asset creation, and execution, we’ve got you covered. Stop worrying about how you’re going to balance running the business with marketing the business.

That’s what we’re here for and what we are great at.

One Key Fan

We work with you to create your One Key Fan’s ICP (ideal customer profile), so we can directly market to the person that needs & is actively looking for what you offer.

Funneling Your Tribe

Creating a digital marketing funnel sounds like a huge task. You’re not wrong, but we’re experts at it and will do all the heavy lifting for you. Seriously. We become your marketing department and drive more customers directly to your business.

Reinvigorate Your Brand

Because the internet is vast, we need to help you stand out more. We’ll beef up your brand & messaging to turn the knife, so to speak, on your One Key Fan to increase your traffic & engagement.

Increase Your Sales

The bottom line in any business is to be profitable. Without customers spending money on your products or services, your business will die. We don’t want that to happen, so our main goal is to make you more money and build a digital marketing system that continues to do just that.

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