Better B2B Marketing starts with you.

Your marketing isn’t bad but it could use some work, right? Unlock your existing potential with small, simple changes. I’m on a mission to educate & train B2B marketing teams to improve their marketing performance fast.

Contribute and serve a community of experienced B2B Marketing professionals who, like you, want to get even better.

Improve your marketing engagement and build a community of prospects and customers that know, like, and trust your organization.
Get Educated

Watch videos, listen & subscribe to the podcast, and read articles, case studies, and learn where the right gaps to fill are. Opportunities with content, copywriting, and simply connecting the dots you can start wherever you are today.

Improve your demand gen efforts by leveraging more integrated marketing in your strategy.
Work with Get Quirked!

Need a hands-on approach with your team? I’ll help you and your team in-person or virtually find your biggest opportunities to improve, quickly so you get near-immediate ROI.

Tap into the amazing work you already have in market and make small changes based on our recommendations to improve audience engagement, community development, MQL performance, pipeline development, and your customers lifetime value (CLV).

Optimize your marketing

Your existing motions are often the best place to start. It helps us operate more quickly, and you see results fast.

Increase your ROI

This is a long-term engagement. We help you build & implement a monetization strategy that enhances your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

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Our Services

Unlock Your Marketing & Content Potential without breaking a sweat.


Strategy & Integration

There are opportunities for small improvements everywhere in your B2B marketing programs. Know where to find them and how to exploit them even more effectively.


Process Optimization

Identify customer journey inefficiencies and remove them where possible. Help build a community of people at your target client organizations that know, like, and trust people at yours.


Revenue & Profit Gen

Grow revenue & profit by making small changes to your existing marketing programs. A lot of the time this just means adding more explicit CTA’s and $$’s start increasing.